Santa Barbara Trip Update

I am encouraged to see the enthusiasm of so many people young and old willing to go to Honduras and serve the underprivileged. The second organizational team meeting was held this week and we now have 28 from our area and about 12 from Warm Beach, WA interested in the journey. There is still time to join and catch up on the information given out already. All the handouts from the meetings are available on this blog under Team Meeting Notes. As God prepares our hearts to serve we are praying for those we will reach when we arrive in June.

About micheledirks

I am a wife, mother and grandmother who lives life to the fullest. I want to discover the world, create amazing food and challenge myself in new endeavors. Mostly I want to be ready to do what God needs me to do using the gifts he has empowered me with. I want to share things I have discovered by going or trying with anyone willing to listen. We only get one chance at life and I want to make it count without regrets.
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  1. says:

    Hi Michele, Nice output for the coming Santa Barbara Trip. You know I would love to join you but through my prayers while you are gone you know in spirit I will be with you. Love you! Mom

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