First Meeting-Santa Barbara, Honduras

First Meeting: January 14, Provided general information about the upcoming trip to serve the people in Honduras. The trip is scheduled for June 14-22, 2014 and will be limited to 40 participants.

About micheledirks

I am a wife, mother and grandmother who lives life to the fullest. I want to discover the world, create amazing food and challenge myself in new endeavors. Mostly I want to be ready to do what God needs me to do using the gifts he has empowered me with. I want to share things I have discovered by going or trying with anyone willing to listen. We only get one chance at life and I want to make it count without regrets.
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3 Responses to First Meeting-Santa Barbara, Honduras

  1. looks great michelle. is there a flyer on here i can print out for the fashion show?

  2. Jan DeSantis says:

    Happy to post the flyer on my website as I have well over 1,000 local contacts. Please send to me at –

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