Fashion Expo and Bazaar



When: April 22, 2017


Where: Lake City Community Church, main church building lobby

Tickets: $15 Can be purchased by e-mail,

Would you like to Host a table by decorating it for 8 or
participate as a vendor call Michele Dirks @ 208-660-1312


4 Responses to Fashion Expo and Bazaar

  1. Kathleen Peel/Bertha Robles says:

    I am wanting to purchase tickets for the Fashion Expo and Bazaar for this coming Saturday. .

    • micheledirks says:

      Sorry you had so much trouble just trying to get tickets…next year I will use the reception desk tool at the church. Thanks for your willingness to go the extra mile to attend. Also thank you for helping at the registration. If you can show up around 10:30 we will get you plugged in. Michele

  2. Kathleen Peel/Bertha Robles says:

    We’ll be there with bells on!! Plus clothes and shoes and earrings and perfume and socks etc.!!!!!

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